Company info

Since 1966 we are a general ship supplier with a fully experienced staff. We deliver vessels on a daily base and free of transport in two countries *


A large experience is available for deck – engine – cabin – bonded and provisions requirements. Your price inquiries are most welcome, and we guarantee the best  quotations within 24 hours.  Included you will find our  digital pricelist. (Please enable macro in excel). Representative will board vessel and guide the full service on site during portstay. Please do not hesitate and contact us for your next deliveries.

Looking forward to a future cooperation, we remain always at your service.


  • Whole sale duty free
  • Spare part handling
  • Fire equipment certify / in house service
  • Technical stores: cleaning materials, chemical stores, safety equipment, engine department
  • Provisions
  • Slopchest
  • Deck / cabin stores

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